Le Jardin Infini

The holiday season is approaching us and in my opinion the gift of giving is the best part! I love seeing the reaction of loved ones once they receive a gift from me. It makes me so happy that I created some sort of joy in their day. When Le Jardin Infini asked if I can do a blog post in exchange for reviewing one of their products, I immediately agreed. I’ve always been intrigued by preserved roses in boxes. I couldn’t wait to put it to the test so I can add it to the list of gifts I’m planning on giving my loved ones for the holidays!


When I got my box in the mail, I immediately rush to open it to see what it was all about. First of all, my flowers came beautifully packaged in a white box wrapped in a gold ribbon. It was so elegant and pretty, I didn’t want to open it. The flowers were so pretty and fresh, not wilted or weathered at all! I was so impressed. I know I was gifted the flowers in exchange for a review, but I seriously felt like I just received a gift from a loved one. It made me feel so special!

There are so many different collections you can choose from. The heart shaped collection has to be my fav! You can also customize your own arrangements by choosing the shape of the box and the color of the flower. The flower color selection is unreal. There is everything from your classic white, pink and red to rose gold, royal blue and even grey! I would suggest checking it out for yourself on their website,

Can you believe the flowers can last up to one year? I currently have mine displayed on my vanity. It gives my room such an elegant touch! I love looking at it every morning while getting ready for the day. If you’re on the fence on what to give that special someone for the holidays, an arrangement from Le Jardin Infini should definitely be something you should check out!

xo Alisha