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I’m so excited to share with you my faux leather diaper bag review! If you are a new mom looking for a new diaper bag or you are looking for a refresh on your current diaper bag, than you are in luck! I reviewed 4 faux leather diaper bags that I was interested in getting for my new little one on the way. I reviewed bags from the following brands: jujube, skip hop and freshly picked. I was looking for something a little more stylish and that had that cool mom leather look. I was tired of my “typical” baby bag with the crazy patterns and colors so I opted for a more sleek, stylish bag instead. I also made a youtube video with more detailed descriptions of each bag so don’t forget to check that out as well!
I hope this review helps if you were planning on getting any of the 4 bags! Leave me a comment down below letting me know whats your favorite diaper bag and if you think there is any other brands/styles I should check out.
xo Alisha
I was not sponsored for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own and everything was purchased with my own money! 

Jujube Wherever Weekender

This bag was one of my favorites just because it holds so much stuff! On top of that, I love the color! It looks super hip and stylish and does not look like a diaper bag IMO. The quality of the vegan leather feels really authentic and durable. The actual construction of the bag feels sturdy and I truly believe this bag will hold all of your baby items with ease.  This bag would be perfect for a Mama with multiple kids. It also come in a variety of colors. I will post links below where you can purchase each of the colors (the brown color is not sold on Jujube’s website but I did find this color on Amazon!


  • Sturdy
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Has lots of space!
  • You can use it as a handle bag or messenger (it comes with removable straps).
  • You can attach it to your stroller with Jujube’s stroller clips (you can purchase it here).
  • Insulated pockets that are located on the inside of bag and that are wide enough to fit your wider Tommy Tippy or Comotomo bottles.
  • It has a large pocket in the front to keep your “mom” items in tact with a key chain attachment.
  • Does not look like a diaper bag!


  • It’s big! It may be too big if you just have one child.
  • You can’t use it as a backpack (I mean it would look kind of weird with this big thing on your back)!
  • It’s not machine washable (but the insides are made with a material that is coated to resist bacteria, mold and mildew. You can also easily wipe off any spells in the bag without having it soak through).

You can purchase the bag by color below:

Noir(Black), Noir(Black)/Rose Gold Hardware, Plum and Stone- Here
Brûlée (Brown)-Here
I would suggest purchasing this bag on Amazon because it’s way less expensive. Amazon has it for $140-$180 (depending on the color. On Jujube’s website they are priced at $210. 
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Jujube Forever Backpack

I think this one was absolute favorite out of the 4. I really like using diaper backpacks because it leaves my hands free to tend to my crazy toddler. I also think you can hold a lot of things in a diaper backpack! They are great for theme parks and traveling. Plus my husband doesn’t mind rocking it when he takes my son out by himself. The backpack is made from the same quality as the Wherever Weekender so it’s super durable and in my opinion will be very reliable and lost a long time. I purchased the black with rose gold and it looks so stylish! I was looking for the Brûlée color at first, but when the black came I was sold! Plus it won’t look as dirty as a lighter color will over time.


  • Super stylish
  • Durable
  • It’s a backpack!
  • The straps are padded so it will be more comfortable on your shoulders
  • There are a lot on interior pockets for storage
  • You can attach the backpack to your stroller with the Jujube stroller clips linked above.
  • It has insulated pockets on the exterior sides with a soft magnetic closure.
  • There is a felt pocket that protects your personal items from getting scratched (ex: cell phone, sunglasses, camera).
  • It has a pocket in the front to keep your “mom” items in tact with a key chain attachment.
  • The changing pad is stored in an exterior pocket to give you more room for storage on the inside.


  • It doesn’t come in the Brûlée color anymore. You can still find it online, but’s it’s an arm and a leg!
  • It doesn’t have organizational pocket in their “mommy pocket” section as the older styles did.
  • It may be too big for someone who has an older kid, like a toddler, and don’t need as much storage as they would when their baby was younger.

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Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag

I would have loved to give you guys a a review on the full sized bag, but I purchased the mini version by mistake! I did give a full review on the mini diaper bag on my Youtube Channel, so you can check that out in the video above. Other than the size mishap, this bag is really stylish and I can see why a lot of moms gravitate to this bag! It does not look like a diaper bag whatsoever! My only concern was that the side pockets for your bottles is not insulated, so that right there for me was what derailed me from picking this bag among the others! I also didn’t like the straps, the material is made with the same quality as you use for seat belts and although it may look cool it’s not practical IMO. Especially if you load a bunch of your baby items in the bag and it gets heavy. I can picture this being extremely uncomfortable! It does come with the most color options so that’s a plus, but I don’t think this bag is the right fit for me!


  • It comes is a lot of pretty colors. The blush and the Butterscotch are my favorite!
  • It’s super stylish and most definitely does not look like a baby bag!
  • It has a wipeable and spill resistant interior for easy clean up.
  • The quality of this bag is really nice. It has the same texture as the Jujube bags but it feels a bit more luxurious.
  • You can actually wear this bag three ways according to their website as a backpack, purse or cross body (which I think might be a bit weird because of the shape of the bag. It just looks like a true backpack to me).
  • Changing pad included.
  • It comes in two sizes.


  • Changing pad is not that great of a quality.
  • The bottle pockets are not insulated!
  • The straps are not that comfortable (especially if you will be carrying a lot of things in your bag, the straps will most definitely dig into your shoulders).

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Skip Hop Diaper Backpack

So this was the least favorite out of the 4 mainly because I did not like the actual quality and shape of the bag. The quality in my opinion wasn’t the greatest, it’s made of a smooth vegan leather and I can just imagine all the scratches and scuff marks it will get over time. Also, it only comes in one color which is a light grey. The color is pretty, but I can see this bag looking dirty really quickly. It does have insulated pockets which I wasn’t sure about in my video! It was the cheapest out of the 4, however it was still up there at $100. I think for this price point the quality should’ve been a bit more durable. Other than that, it is spacious and would be good for a new mom or a mom with a baby and older child.


  • It can be worn as a backpack or a messenger.
  • It has stroller straps that are attached to the actual bag (so you don’t have to purchase it separately like the Jujube bags).
  • It comes with a changing pad.
  • Magnetic closure and cute tassel.
  • The interior fabric is wipeable and easy to clean.
  • Insulated pockets for your bottles (however, it doesn’t feel as insulated IMO).


  • Only comes in one color (which is a really light grey and will look grimy really easily).
  • The quality doesn’t feel as nice as the other bags. Since it is made with a smooth vegan leather, I can see this getting scratched and scuffed easily.
  • Isn’t as stylish as the other bags.




  • Fazana

    I really enjoyed your review! Can I share it on my mommy groups? I want the jujube backpack!! A little expensive but I’m going to send the request to granny haha 😀

    • alishafashionista

      Thank you! Of course you can share with your mom groups! Keep checking Amazon, you can probably get it a little cheaper on there 😉. I’m trying to sell my old ones so I can justify keeping the backpack, it’s my favorite too!

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